AlbideyNet can implement an Alcatel-Lucent solution tailored to your exact requirements. Alcatel-Lucent Business Telephone Solutions. It is an “all-in-a-box”, solution, and as such is simple to use, install and maintain. It is entirely pre-configured and extremely reliable. It is modular and flexible. You will receive a system completely customized according to your needs. It is ready to evolve, as your business grows. Your investment is protected as Alcatel-Lucent has adopted Linux, an operating system with a broad acceptance across the computer industry. Linux is a reliable, extremely powerful and stable operating system with compatibility with many applications and especially to Internet services, integrating the main Internet protocols. Moreover, OmniPCX Office is based on standard protocols (CSTA, TAPI, IP), which means it is open to a wide choice of applications developed by Alcatel and third party application vendors.